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FWA Q&A: Ian Ladyman

IAN LADYMAN of the Daily Mail on a love letter to the sports editor...breakfast with a tiger (no, really)...and trouble with a pony tail in the USA

Have you ever worked in a profession other than football?
I was a news reporter for the Stoke Sentinel for three fantastic years. It’s a cliche but news is a great grounding. Being shouted at by Sir Alex Ferguson (not that it’s ever happened) is not so scary when you have had to knock on someone’s door and ask them if they will talk about the death of their son/daughter etc. The Sentinel ...

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FWA Live – Manchester

Gary Neville: There’s an inevitability that one day either Guardiola or Mourinho will be at City

Steve Bates: United fans say the team hasn’t been right for two or three seasons

Andy Dunn: Chelsea are a club without soul

Neil Custis: Chelsea live on the edge...it was like Tiger Woods, when he was a naughty boy he was winning every Major going, now he’s calmed down he can’t hit a golf ball

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FWA Interview: Ian Ladyman


MEMBERS of the Football Writers’ Association have praised the press facilities at Euro 2012.

Not only is the entertainment on the pitch first class in Poland an Ukraine, Ian Ladyman, northern football correspondent of the Daily Mail, said: “There have been no complaints about the facilities out here.”

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