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Book Club: Scovell achieves third Double

Brian Scovell, our longest serving member on the FWA Committee, has achieved a third Double in the season that Tottenham Hotspur won the first Double of the last century. His biography of Bill Nicholson commemorating the 50th anniversary has been widely reviewed and his 25th book has just come out, a memoir entitled “Thank You Hermann Goering – A Life of a Sports Writer.” Frank Keating said of it “a triumph, it’s a terrific piece of work and I read it in one sitting, well, two.”

In 1982 he brought out “Ken Barrington: A Tribute” and “Times on the Grass,” the first autobiography of Bobby Robson and in 2006 his books “The Impossible Job – The England Managers” and “19-90 Jim Laker” were nominated for the British Sports Book Awards.

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