Junior FWA Q&A

Conor Schmidt (son of The Times sports writer Alyson Rudd) on a rare Brede at Fulham and pouring brandy down a diner’s cleavage

Tell us a little about yourself…age, school, favourite and least favourite subjects?
I am 14 and I go to Hampton school. My favourite subject is Spanish and my least favourite is geography.

Which club do you support?
Fulham FC.

Who does your mum support?
Liverpool FC.

Is she grumpy when they lose?

Were you under pressure to support the same club?

What is your finest achievement as a footballer?
Winning best player at my football club.

What is the memorable match you have ever seen (either live or on TV)?
Chelsea v Barcelona in 2012. It was the most dramatic game I have seen.

Who is your favourite footballer?
Brede Hangeland.

Is there one aspect of football that particularly annoys you?
Referees never get the wall back ten yards.

What is your favourite pre-match meal?
A Pukka pie.

What is your most treasured football memorabilia?
My best player trophy.

Do you read everything your mum writes?
No but sometimes she makes me.

Tell us one funny story about your mum?
She was an accident prone waitress. She set her hair on fire leaning over a table candle and she poured hot brandy sauce down a diner’s cleavage.

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