Quotes of 2012

PHIL SHAW picks out some of the best Quotes of 2012…

‘A fresh of bread air’

“Things were so much easier when I earned 100pound a week on yts #stress.”
Jamie O’Hara, reputedly on £35,000 a week at Wolves.

“We’ve got a full-back called Dinh Dong. I immediately christened him “Doorbell”.”
Dylan Kerr, assistant manager of Vietnam and ex-Leeds reserve.

“It was nice to hear Ray Wilkins speaking so articulate.”
Micky Quinn

“I’ve just watched the replay and there is absolutely no doubt – it’s inconclusive.”
Garth Crooks

“On a different day, the referee might have been throwing yellow cards around like a man with no arms.”
George Andrews at Stoke v Everton for Signal Radio.

“By his own admission under-fire Spurs boss Harry Redknapp writes like a two-year-old. So who writed his weekly Sun column then?”
Letter to The Guardian when Redknapp was in court over alleged tax-evasion.

“Joe Royle texted saying keeping QPR up would be like turning water into wine or feeding the 5,000 or something. I’ve never read the Bible, but I think he meant it’d be a miracle.”
Harry Redknapp

“England’s a nation of warriors. At Liverpool, the fans applaud if Carragher hammers the ball out of play. In Camp Nou you’d never get that. It’s a different culture that values different things. Here, if they see you’re afraid in possession, you get whistled. It’s the world in reverse.”

“McLean’s been like a fresh of bread air.”
Roy Keane

“You know who really gives kids a bad name? Posh and Becks.”
Stewart Francis, comedian.

“In the papers this morning: “Police closing in on Ian Holloway.” Sorry, it’s “Palace closing in on Ian Holloway.””
Alan Brazil

“Mario Balotelli is like Marmite – you either love him or hate him. Me? I’m in between.”
Joe Royle

“He wears the club shop, he wears the club shop, Tony Pulis, he wears the club shop.”
Song by Manchester City fans at Stoke.

“Hopefully Andy [Carroll] has only tweeted his hamstring.”
Sam Allardyce

“It is too little, too late. He’s a low-life. A clever low-life…but a low-life.”
Trevor Hicks, Hillsborough Family Support Group chairman, on ex-Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie’s apology.

“Reporter: Do you know how many managers have City have had in your 25 years with United? Alex Ferguson: Fourteen, but I wish it was 15.”
Exchange as Roberto Mancini’s Manchester City challenged United for the title.

“How can you call me a c*nt? You shagged your team-mate’s missus. You’re the c*nt.”
Anton Ferdinand to John Terry, QPR v Chelsea.

“Improbable, implausible and contrived.”
FA verdict on Terry’s defence against allegations that he racially abused Ferdinand.

“Hahahahaa, well done #fa I lied did I, #BUNCHOFTWATS.”
Ashley Cole tweet on the FA finding Terry guilty.

“Spain have had an unbelievable amount of sex, er, success.”
Alan Shearer after the Euro 2012 final.

“Where were you when you were us?”
AFC Wimbledon fans at MK Dons.


Reporter: What do you think of Tottenham?
Roger Johnson (Wolves captain): C’mon! Are these real questions? I couldn’t give a shit to be honest. Is that it, yeah? Cheers.

“Sir Alex was very convivial. So I chanced a joke to him that it was the longest he’d spent talking to the press in years. He laughed but five minutes later in the corridor outside he growled: “I’ll remember you.”
Barry Flatman, tennis writer, on Ferguson’s appearance at Andy Murray press conference in New York.

“You are all great managers. I read the newspapers every day and I can tell you that you are always great managers. How many games have you managed? I promise you if you manage one I will sit in the stands and chant: “You know what you are doing”.
Arsene Wenger when queried about his substitutions after an Arsenal game.

“I’ve given up this year. I’ve decided to bin it off. I’ve signed my three-year deal and I thought I’d leave it this year, sit back, have a few cans and a few cigarettes and chill with the kids.”
Grant Holt to a reporter who asked whether his new contract at Norwich meant he had “lost his hunger”.

“We’ve all talked the same nonsense over the years. Everything you tell the press is a lie.”
Jamie Carragher

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