RICHARD TANNER of the Daily Express on steamy windows…signing as a Gerry…and staying in a Munich broom cupboard

Have you ever worked in a profession other than football?
No. My only other jobs were back in my schooldays – strawberry picking, potato picking, loading fruit and veg lorries and working in a car parts warehouse. Gone downhill since really.

Most memorable match?
Of the matches I’ve covered, it has to be Manchester City’s last-gasp win over QPR in May 2012 – for the sheer drama of the occasion and the look of disbelieving wonder among the City supporters. As a fan, Coventry beating Tottenham in the 1987 FA Cup final.

The one moment in football you would put on a DVD?
Scoring at the Gwladys Street End at Goodison Park with a 30-yard chip over the goalkeeper in a media game, also involving Peter Beardsley, Mark Lawrensen, David Johnson and Alan Kennedy. Still can’t believe it.

Best stadium?
The Nou Camp.

…and the worst?
Wigan’s old Springfield Park. You couldn’t even see part of the pitch if you got the wrong seat in the press box. And if the windows steamed up you were really in trouble.

Your personal new-tech disaster?
In the biggest game of last season – Real Madrid v Manchester United, Champions League last 16, first leg in the Bernabeu. Lap top wouldn’t connect to wi-fi, dongle wouldn’t work either and I ended up dictating copy to a guy on the sports desk because we no longer have copy takers. There have been a few nightmares over the years – nearly all in Europe.

Biggest mistake?
Writing that Everton had made Teddy Sheringham their top transfer target on the day he joined Manchester United.

Have you ever been mistaken for anyone else?
Yes, Gerry Daly, the former Manchester United and Republic of Ireland player. A Cambridge United fan thought I was Gerry after a game at the old Abbey Stadium – well, I was quite skinny back then – and asked for my autograph. I duly obliged.

Most media friendly manager?
Two come to mind – Steve Bruce and Roberto Martinez.

Best ever player?

Best ever teams (club and international)?
Everton’s 1984/85 Championship-winning team – shame they never had a chance to play in the European Cup because of Heysel – and Brazil’s 1970 World Cup winners..

Best pre-match grub?
Manchester City – since the Sheikh took over.

Best meal had on your travels?
Teppenyaki in the Prince Park Tower Hotel in Tokyo at the World Club Cup in 2009.

…and the worst?
Puffin on toast in the Faroe Islands.

Best hotel stayed in?
Trianon Palace at Versailles.

…and the worst?
A broom cupboard in a dodgy street near Munich station, can’t remember its name.

Do you have a hobby?

Favourite football writer?
Steven Howard. Always makes me laugh.

Favourite radio/TV commentator?
Clive Tyldesley.

If you could introduce one change to improve PR between football clubs and football writers what would it be?
More accessibility.

One sporting event outside football you would love to experience?
An Ashes Test at Lord’s.

Favourite non-football sportsman/sports woman?
Muhammed Ali/Steffi Graf.

Last book read?
David Walsh’s “Seven Deadly Sins.”

Favourite current TV programme?
The Americans.

TV show you always switch off?
Any ‘reality’ show – Big Brother particularly.

If you could bring one TV series back which would it be?

Favourite comedian?
Peter Kay.

Favourite singer/group?
Bruce Springsteen.

What really, really annoys you?
Motorway lanes that are coned off for no apparent reason.

Your most prized football memorabilia?
None really. Just 25 years of football programmes gathering dust in the shed.

Advice to anyone coming into the football media world?
Don’t. Seriously, stay light on your feet, develop a thick skin and have a sense of humour.

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