Vauxhall launch Home Nations football photography competition

VAUXHALL today launched their inaugural Home Nations Football Photography competition.

The major new photographic initiative is designed to stimulate interest and support among all photographers covering international football with any of the Home Nations.

There will be individual national competitions for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales photographers.

There will be two principal categories – Best Photographer and Best Individual Photo. As well as four national winners, there will be an overall Home Nations champion photographer.

All photographers – newspaper, agency and freelance – are welcome to enter.

The overall winner will receive the use of a Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer, SRI Ecoflex, 1.7 CDTI (125ps) car for one year. Each individual national winner will receive a first prize of £500.

The competition covers all relevant international fixtures, international training sessions and international press conferences in 2011.

Vauxhall Head of Sponsorship, Chris Hornbuckle said: “We are very appreciative of the support and the excellent work which is undertaken by photographers.

“This competition is Vauxhall’s way of saying thank you. We have enjoyed an excellent first year of our Home Nations sponsorship programme and we are keen to promote an evocative and high-quality portfolio of images which capture the essence of international competition and patriotism.

“We hope and believe that the title will be very much sought after by all photographers who cover Home Nations football.”

The competition will be co-ordinated by Macesport who handle a dedicated football media relations centre for Vauxhall.

Entry forms are now available from Aimee Preston at Macesport

Closing date for entries is Friday February 17th 2012.

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